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London County Council Parks Department - Site of Former Home Office Shelters (1959) 

A large collection of maps and plans relating to parks and green open spaces in Wandsworth is currently in the care of Enable Leisure & Culture and held in the Parks Office in Battersea Park. This collection comprise printed, hand-drawn, and hand-finished documents which date from the Victorian period up to the 1990s.

These documents record planting plans, park lay-outs, and features within parks. Some were carried through, some changed in implementation and some remained as ideas. The collection is therefore both useful and interesting. Each document is an artwork with local, historic and aesthetic value.

As part of The Common Story project, volunteers catalogued, indexed and filed all items in this collection, including many maps and plans that relate to Tooting Common. See here for the complete catalogue.

To view these documents please contact Enable Leisure & Culture and make an appointment.


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