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The 1930's drinking fountain is situated on the corner of Tooting Bec Road and Dr Johnson Avenue, overlooking Tooting Graveney Common. It is a Portland stone fountain in the Art Deco style, constructed in ashlar with a drinking fountain feature on each of the four faces. It sits on a square platform and is surrounded on two sides by a low curved wall. An inscription on the side facing west panel reads:

'Erected in 1938 to the memory of Joseph James Jones who funded a trust to encourage the playing of organised games by boys of local schools.'

The fountain was in good condition but not in working order and the stone work was heavily stained with surface deposits (from traffic and other water and airborne pollution). With repair and conservation work, the fountain has been restored to a very attractive heritage feature, it enhances the local area as well as supplying free mains drinking water for local residents, commuters and users of the Common.

Description of works:

To allow the replacement of the original bronze fittings with bespoke new ones the fountain was partially dismantled. The original fittings were sent to a foundry for the new ones to be cast. The new fittings have been installed, plumbed and tested and the stonework has been reinstated and steam-cleaned.

Tooting Common: drinking fountain, 1967.

Photo by A. Janik. Credit Wandsworth Heritage Service

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